Contributor's Guide

Pham Gia Healthcare deploys software to help collaborators manage their own work results. The software works on the web.


You scroll to the bottom of the website
Click the REGISTER / LOG IN button to join the system

SIGN UP/LOG IN interface


The information aggregator helps you keep track of:
- Discount rate you enjoy
- The number of visitors to the website through your link (Visit)
- The number of orders calculated for you and the total commission you receive

The Commission page helps you:
Accurately track buyer information, order value and calculated commission

Post Content Page
- Provide your own tokenized affiliate link
- Support you to quickly post affiliate links

You just need to share, write attractive articles, advise customers to click on your link and order.
In case your customers do not know how to order, you can manually click on your link to order help, the system still calculates a commission for your account.

Wish you success and high income!
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Pham Gia Healthcare