Policy Agent - Distributor, business cooperation Saffron Palace in Vietnam

Pham Gia Healthcare is the exclusive import and distribution partner of Saffron Palace in Vietnam.

Saffron Palace recruits Agents, Distributors, Sales Collaborators

As the exclusive importer and distributor in Vietnam, we are proud and always believe absolutely in the value of products that Pham Gia brings to our customers. Saffron Palace that Pham Gia distributes is the most quintessential Saffron line of the Middle East - the most famous and prestigious in the world.

Saffron Palace's shop is located in the most luxurious Iranian hotel in Dubai. The company has branches in North America, Canada. Saffron Palace places its prestige on product quality and positions itself as a "boutique" saffron line, prioritizing quality, not mass production. Therefore, Saffron Palace strictly controls from the farm, the water source to the collection and processing.

With the long-standing relationship of founder Pham Gia Healthcare, having used Saffron Palace for decades for family and loved ones, Saffron Palace trusts to choose Pham Gia Healthcare as the first partner in the market. Asia with exclusive agent policy in Vietnam market.

Choosing Pham Gia as a partner, you will receive direct support from the brand. With a transparent policy and absolute "clean" products from origin to quality, we believe that you have chosen the best product in the world of Saffron to create opportunities with Pham Gia for sustainable development. .

Pham Gia Healthcare continuously recruits level 1, level 2 agents, provincial exclusive agents, exclusive sales channels with flexible policies according to partners' capabilities.

Below is the retail price list & regular discount policy. Actual policies may be supplemented from time to time.

For the Affiliate and Dropship model, Pham Gia has applied synchronously and diversified online sales channels. For more information, please contact Hotline 0904813689

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Contact Info:

Pham Gia Healthcare Joint Stock Company (Pham Gia Healthcare)
Company address: House number 7, alley 11/17, To Ngoc Van street, Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.
Phone number: 024 371 53870
Hotline: 0865 66 83 88
Email: info@phamgiahealthcare.com