Khuyến Mại "Tết đoàn viên - An yên sống khoẻ"

Promotion "Tet Reunion - Peaceful and healthy life"

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year - Mid-Autumn Festival, Pham Gia Healthcare launches a special Super promotion program "Tet union members - Peace and health"

Application period: August 25 to September 25, 2019
- 20% off when buying any product on the website
- Free gift from Pink Himalayan Salt ( when buying the following products:

  • Saffron Palace Negin 1 gram worth 350,000 VND, only 280,000 VND left
- 1g saffron gift box with bag of Persian roses original price 550,000 VND, only 440,000 VND
- Gifts of pure Himalayan pink salt (400gram bag), total promotional value up to : 129,500-169,500 VND
  • Saffron Palace Negin 3g worth 1,050,000 VND, only 840,000 VND left
- 3g safron gift box worth 1,150,000 VND, only 920,000 VND
- 3g saffron gift box with bag of Persian roses worth 1,250,000 VND, only 1,000,000 VND left
- Orders of 3g will receive more pure Himalayan Pink Salt (900gram bag), total promotional value: 329,900-349,900-369,900 VND
  • Saffron Palace Negin 5g worth 1,750,000 VND, reduced to 1,400,000 VND
- 5g saffron gift box with commission worth VND 1,950,000, reduced to VND 1,560,000
- The gift accompanying 5g orders is 1 bag of Himalayan Salt Stone worth 275,000, total promotional value: 625,000-665,000 VND
  • Saffron Palace Negin 10g worth 3,000,000 VND, reduced to 2,400,000 VND
- Luxury Saffron Gift Box GB10HH includes 10g saffron with bag of Persian roses worth 3,200,000 VND, reduced to 2,560,000 VND.
- The gift for orders of 10g is a set of Himalayan Salt Stone Pillows worth 407,000 VND, total promotional value: 1,007,000 VND - 1,047,000 VND
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