Khuyến mại 20/11/2019

Promotion 11/20/2019

HAPPY 11/20 - Grateful to CUSTOMERS ️

  • In November, when the autumn winds are gradually blowing, it is also the time when generations of Vietnamese students eagerly prepare for the biggest holiday of the year to show their gratitude and love to their teachers. .
  • Instead of thanking as well as bringing joy to everyone, in this gratitude season, Saffron Palace Vietnam has a super huge # CUSTOMER_CUSTOMER program.
  • The program applies to all customers who buy Saffron directly or order Online at Saffron Palace Vietnam.
  • Specific policy:
    ♦️ 10% discount with every order
    ♦️ Get a free # Himalayan rock salt lamp with orders from 2 MILLION (after 10% discount)
    ♦️ Super "luxury" Luxury Gift gift box
    You can order Saffron at the website
    Or call hotline: 0865 668 388 for advice
    Shop at shopee:
    Contact to buy at agents
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