Làm kẹo Nougat Saffron hoa hồng Ba Tư chưa bao giờ dễ và ngon đến thế - Cách làm kẹo Saffron Hạnh Phúc

Making Persian Rose Saffron Nougat has never been so easy and delicious - How to make Happy Saffron Candy

Nougat, or Happiness, comes in many versions and is very easy to make. A medium, fragrant, milky marshmallow, and the taste of crunchy nutritious nuts will make everyone fall in love from the first taste. Maybe that's why it is called a candy that brings "happiness" to everyone.

Happy Saffron Nougat Candy

With delicious nutritious seeds - not too sweet, milky and still soft enough to melt in your mouth, Nougat candy mixed with Saffron flavor will make you eat once and remember forever. Photo: Saffron Palace Vietnam

Among the ingredients for flavoring Nougat candy, Saffron Nougat will probably be a candy flavor that will blow up the taste buds of the enjoyer. Prepare jars of Saffron Nougat at home to sip with tea, coffee, invite guests to play at home. On holidays, anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasion, you can make sweets, pack them beautifully and bring your own happy saffron candies as gifts. This will be a gift that is not only meaningful, beautiful, delicious, but also an idea that is both cost-effective and sure to make the recipient fall in love.

Saffron Palace Vietnam will guide you how to make Nougat candy with premium Saffron Negin and fragrant rose petals.

Prepare ingredients to make Nougat with Saffron Palace

(The recommended ingredient for the finished product is 1kg of candy. Please experiment and adjust the ratio of each ingredient to have the sweetness, greasy, and the most satisfying amount of nuts.

* Marshmallow: 200gram - 250g
* Whole milk powder: 180gram - 220g
* Unsalted butter: 90-110 grams
* Saffron Palace: 0.3-0.5 grams
* Persian Rose: Depends on preference
* Dried nuts: Walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds...: Each type 30-50gram (Dry nuts are about 4 types for 1 recipe, if more nuts, you will have to increase Marshmallow, powdered milk. and butter so that the candy doesn't get too dry.)
* Dried jams such as mango, apricot, blueberry, grape...: Each type 40-50 grams (about 3 types depending on preference)

Tools: Non-stick pan, wooden ladle, candy making kit. If you do not have a candy kit, you can use items available in the kitchen that can store/cut candy.

Packing tools: Rice paper (for lining candy before wrapping), wrapping paper, sealing bag, bag for finished candy.

Ingredients for making Persian Rose Nougat Saffron

Steps to make Nougat with Saffron Palace and Persian rose

Step 1: Heat the pan, add the saffron and stir until it heats up. The stirring time is about 10-15 minutes so that the saffron fibers are crispy, easy to crumble and easier to color in the following steps. In another pan, toast the nuts, set aside.

Nougat Nougat

Step 2: Crush the saffron, stir for a little more

Step 3 : Put butter in the saffron pan, stir until the butter melts and let the saffron color out with the butter mixture.

Step 4: Pour the arshmallow into the butter/saffron pan, stir until smooth.

Step 5 : When the marshmallow and butter/saffon have just melted and started to mix, quickly put the prepared nuts and dried jam into the pan.

Step 6: Stir the seeds and jam evenly into the mixture, quickly put the mixture into a candy mold or candy tray, spread evenly.

Making Saffron Nougat

Step 7: When the candy mixture cools down, sprinkle rose petals on top of the candy, flatten it

Step 8: Let the candy cool completely, cut the candy

Making Saffron Nougat

Step 9: Wrap rice paper in each cut candy. Place in candy bag and seal.

Step 10: Box or decorate candies into bags as you like.

The candy product is great, the kids especially love it.


* You can change the taste of nuts, jams but always choose dry ingredients, without water so that the candy does not stick.

* If you like flavors like green tea, coffee, you can add 10-15 grams of powder each to each recipe. However, if you have chosen saffron, you should not mix other flavors with it, it will no longer have a typical delicious taste.

* You should buy a tool kit for shaping, cutting candy, welding candy wrappers for the best finished product.

The set of candy molds and candy cutters is easy to find and buy. You can refer to the order addresses on Shopee here.

Set of candy molds: https://shp.ee/astvz67
Non-stick candy mold:
Rice paper for wrapping candy:
Candy bag:
Welding hand bag mouth:

For this candy, choose the right Saffron, you will have a finished product with a very special taste. Please choose the right line of the highest quality - Saffron Palace Negin and imported Persian Rose.

Why is Saffron Palace considered the best Saffron brand?

Area of ​​raw materials to create products Saffron Palace Premium grade is grown in the Kho-rasan area - Northeastern Iran - close to the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is a saltwater lake rich in minerals, which greatly affects the amount of minerals in the groundwater of the area around the lake. The selected farms ensure the following criteria:

* No chemicals are used
* Do not spray growth stimulants
* Irrigated with pure natural groundwater and rich in minerals for high nutritional value of Saffron.
* Strict control of harvesting time is limited to 9am, before the harsh rays of the sun lose the nutritional value of the saffron threads.
* The farms selected as the raw material areas of Saffron Palace all have a "hereditary" history of hundreds of years. Every year, after each harvest season, the farmer selects the best bulbs and preserves them for the next season as a family secret.
* The drying, harvesting and packaging processes are all controlled and complied with ISO 22000-2005 HACCP regulations of the International Organization for Standardization.
*To import Saffron and sell in the Dubai market, Saffron Palace must meet the strict requirements of food safety and hygiene of the Government of Dubai, equivalent to European Standards.


If you need advice on more information and how to distinguish Saffron to choose the best Saffron, please contact Hotline 0865668388

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