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How to make your own scrub with Himalayan pink salt - Great skin care secret

Pink Himalayan salt, with its excellent purity and high mineral content, is considered an elixir for human health. Many applications with pink Himalayan salt have been brought to life, accompanying women in their beauty journey, preserving youthfulness and youth. One of the simplest beauty treatments with "nature's crystallization" is exfoliation with pink salt .

How to make a scrub with Himalayan pink salt for smooth glowing skin

Pink salt is good for health, used in the beauty of women.

Pink Himalayan salt, crystallized from the sea on the sacred mountain, is a valuable ingredient to help women beautify and take care of their health. (Photo: Prevention.com)

Exfoliating with pink salt is a trend that makes women fall in love, because the crystallization of sea water in the sacred mountains, undergoing hundreds of millions of years of transformation, is the most wonderful nutrient ever for your skin. fair. Making your own scrub with Himalayan pink salt not only helps you ensure the quality of your products, but also saves a lot of money compared to products available on the market.

Himalayan pink salt exfoliant ingredients and uses:

Pink Himalayan salt adds minerals, prevents aging.

Pink Himalayan salt, crystallized from the sea on the sacred mountain, is a valuable ingredient to help women beautify and take care of their health. (Photo: Pinterest)

Himalayan Pink Salt : Rich in minerals, helps to nourish the skin, regenerate and restore damaged cells. This salt also helps to detox and get rid of cellulite, also known as cellulite. Not only that, pink salt has a smooth texture, helps remove dead cells quickly but does not scratch the skin, extremely friendly even for the most sensitive skin.

Jojoba Oil : Jojoba oil is an outstanding moisturizer, helps with acne, and controls oil.

Coconut oil : Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin, has a high moisturizing effect, makes the skin soft and shiny.

Geranium Essential Oil : An essential oil extracted from the stem, flowers and leaves of the geranium plant by steam distillation, has the effect of reducing wrinkles, balancing moisture and anti-inflammatory.

Grapefruit essential oil: Helps remove excess water, body toxins and helps to overcome cellulite.

Lavender Essential Oil : Provides a gentle, long-lasting fragrance on the skin and also has a soothing effect on irritated skin.

Himalayan pink salt exfoliator recipe:

Pham Gia Pink Himalayan Salt

1 cup fine-grained pink Himalayan salt (about 270g). Buy the best quality Himalayan pink salt here
125 ml of coconut oil. See buy here
60ml of jojoba oil. Reference to buy here
10 drops of geranium essential oil. Reference to buy here
5 drops grapefruit essential oil. Reference to buy here
5 drops lavender essential oil. Reference to buy here
2 tablespoons dried rose petals (optional). It would be great if you used Persian rose for this recipe. You can refer to buying officially imported products from Iran here.

Steps to exfoliate with pink Himalayan salt:

Step 1:

How to make Himalayan pink salt exfoliator super simple.

In less than 5 minutes, you can make your own pink Himalayan salt scrub. (Photo: Pinterest)

Pour the correct amount of Himalayan pink salt , coconut oil, and jojoba oil into a large bowl. Mix well to get a well-balanced mixture. You can use an egg beater to do this.

Step 2:

Add the prepared essential oils to the Himalayan pink salt – coconut oil – jojoba oil mixture. Use a spatula or spatula to mix.

Step 3:

Add 2 tablespoons of dried rose petals here, continue to mix. Pour this mixture into a jar, store in a cool dry place, away from water.

How to use Himalayan pink salt exfoliator:

Careful cleansing with pink Himalayan salt will give your skin a radiant glow.

Gently exfoliate with pink Himalayan salt to help clean and rejuvenate the skin. (Photo: Pinterest)

Exfoliating from Himalaya pink salt has a gentle cleansing effect, does not cause irritation, suitable for all skin types. Wet and then gently rub the scrub all over the body, massaging gently for about 10 minutes. Note that you can rub your hands vigorously at points such as knees, heels, ankles, elbows... Wash again with clean water or with shower gels as you like.

With this exfoliant, you should use it every other day in the shower. With wonderful natural nutrients, especially Himalayan pink salt which is crystallized from the essence of nature, your skin will always keep its smoothness and softness, even in the dry weather of winter. cold.

The secret to getting a quality Himalayan pink salt exfoliator

The main ingredient to make this skin care compound is pink Himalayan salt , so the quality of the salt plays a decisive role in the quality of the final product. Finding a reputable address, providing top quality Hilamaya pink salt products is the simplest way to help you avoid being confused among hundreds of counterfeit products.

Pictures of pink Himalayan salt products imported and distributed by Pham Gia Healthcare

If you need advice, contact Pham Gia Heath Care Hotline: 0865668388 for more information, uses and how to choose the best quality Himalayan pink salt .

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