Top những công dụng tốt nhất của nhụy hoa nghệ tây Iran (Saffron)

Top best uses of Iranian saffron (Saffron)

Saffron (commonly known as Saffron) has a history of over 3 thousand years, known as a more precious herb than red gold. Saffron has many wonderful uses for health and beauty. Saffron has outstanding antioxidant activities such as Crocin, Safranal, Flavonoids, so it is not only used to the maximum in therapeutic and beauty applications but also used as a rare spice . most expensive in the world.

Saffron is the pistil of the saffron flower. Each saffron flower has only 3 pistils, which will be separated and dried after each harvest.

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So what are the health benefits of saffron?

The thread of saffron is so fragile, but it will work very well to support the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Weight balance
  • Purify the body, clean the blood
  • Increase desire

Let's learn more about each use of saffron with Saffron Palace.

Saffron is used to treat insomnia

Saffron can be considered as an extremely wonderful natural sleeping pill and has no side effects. If you often have insomnia, stress, instead of looking for western medicine, use saffron regularly, both to help purify the body, treat fatigue, and quickly put you into deep sleep. .

Saffron for insomnia treatment

Crocin and Safranal - 2 abundant active ingredients in Saffron maximize their effects in reducing insomnia, preventing headaches, nervous tension.

On the information page of the American Library of Medicine , there is an article explaining many of the effects of Saffron on health in general and sleep in particular.

Not only helps the body have a better and deeper sleep, saffron also has many other uses: diuretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, liver protection, appetite suppressant, hypnotic effect, antidepressant and bronchodilator.

Saffron has anti-cancer effects

Saffron has anti-toxic effects, detoxifies cells, so there are studies showing that regular use of saffron will effectively prevent cancer.

Saffron Saffron Prevents Cancer

The powerful antioxidant effect of the active ingredient Crocin in saffron has been recognized. It has the effect of helping to prevent agents that can cause cancer.

Regularly using saffron daily in cooking, baking, and beverages is that you help yourself avoid the risk of cancers such as liver, pancreas, stomach, colorectal, and neck cancer. uterus, ovaries, breast cancer...

It sounds too divine, but this is based on science, saffron has the ability to selectively cause cytotoxicity, it helps to inhibit the proliferation and progression of cancer pathogens while healthy cells still exist.

Saffron treats depression

In saffron pistil also has components such as anthocyanins, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins... which have the effect of balancing neurotransmitters in the brain, especially the loss of serotonin. This lack of balance is one of the main causes of depression.

Saffron is used to treat depression

In particular, for people with mild signs of depression, it is highly recommended to take saffron daily for a period of at least 2 months, 10-15 strands per day. Dosage and administration also apply to dementia, Alzheimer's disease in the elderly.

Saffron helps to regulate menstruation

Saffron regulates menstruation

That's right, regular use of saffron also has a great effect in regulating menstruation, reducing menstrual pain, back pain every time. The easiest way is to use . This effect was shown in the study conducted by the department of gynecology and psychiatry, Tehran and Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.

Saffron improves digestive diseases

In saffron, there are ingredients such as Crocin, Safranal, Picrocrocin, Crocetin, these active ingredients have a significant effect in improving diseases related to the digestive system. The most prominent is the active ingredient Crocin with the effect of supporting against lipid bacterial infections, preventing the perodoxidation process, thereby quickly and effectively fighting inflammation.

Saffron is used to treat digestive ailments

In the treatment of gastric ulcers, the Crocin in saffron is considered to be an agent that helps prevent gastric mucosal damage through increasing glutathione levels as well as reducing lipid peroxidation.

Another study by Inoue et al showed anti-ulcer properties of N-095, a drug containing 90mg saffron. The results demonstrated that saffron can inhibit stress-induced gastric ulcers and histamine-induced ulcers.

Positive effects of saffron for the heart

Saffron is good for the heart

There have been many studies showing that using Saffron improves cardiovascular problems such as helping to lower blood pressure in people with chronic high blood pressure.

Thus, people with ventricular systolic blood pressure should note, use saffron with a lower dose (only 4-5 strands/day should be used).

Saffron improves eyesight

Saffron has the ability to improve vision problems, such as: Support in the treatment of eye infections and corneal diseases, treatment of macular degeneration. Saffron helps reduce eye diseases such as cataracts, reduces damage to the retina.

Saffron improves visas

The active ingredients in saffron have the effect of slowing down the aging of retinal cells such as Carotenoids such as zeaxanthine and flavomoids. In addition, saffron also has substances that are very nutritious for the eyes, making vision cells more flexible such as alpha carotene and beta carotene.

Saffron and beauty

Using saffron to beautify regularly is very good, it helps you maintain your youth, skin care, fade dark spots and heal very well. In the composition of saffron, in addition to Crocin, there are vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9, along with many other minerals that have the effect of reducing darkening, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Saffron beautifies the skin

There are many recipes for making masks for skin and hair beauty with saffron, you can refer here . Not only helps to treat acne, saffron also gives you shiny, smooth skin.

Why is using saffron good for skin? Thanks to the mechanism of inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase present in saffron, which is responsible for the synthesis of melanin, protects skin cells from the harmful effects of UVB radiation. reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Hopefully, you have visualized the great uses of Saffron - saffron and understand why the price of 1 gram of saffron sounds quite high.

However, the Saffron market in Vietnam is currently quite "turbulent". Because this is a high-end product line, has a lot of effects and not everyone has enough knowledge and experience to distinguish the value of the product, so there have been many fake, poor quality and mixed saffron lines on the market. school. To use saffron well, you must first use real saffron of the best quality.

Genuine saffron

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