Phân biệt saffron thật - giả

Distinguish real - fake saffron

In the world, there are only a few countries that can grow saffron such as: Turkey, Spain, India, Iran... However, the output is very low and only Iran grows the main and also the best kind. Therefore, you need to know the following methods of distinguishing real saffron from fake to be sure to find a quality product.

Distinguish real saffron - fake by eye:

The purchased saffron pistil must be in whole fiber form, the saffron pistil has a dark orange-red color, smelling the saffron pistil has a faint honey fragrance, characteristic sweet aroma, and a slightly bitter taste. separate.

Distinguish real and fake saffron from water:

To distinguish real saffron - the most accurate is to use a few strands soaked in cold water.
If it is a fake, the stigma will dissolve very quickly in water, but it will not have a specific aroma, smell of herbs, honey. Lightly rub the yarn after soaking, it will feel soft and melted.

In contrast, real saffron pistil, after soaking in water, takes 5-10 minutes to secrete a characteristic yellow color, the water has a very fragrant smell, a sweet smell of honey and a smell of herbs. The pistil thread, after being lightly soaked in water, has a certain toughness and is only broken, not dissolved, not crushed

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