Nhụy hoa nghệ tây (Saffron) ngâm mật ong và những tác dụng tuyệt vời

Saffron (Saffron) soaked in honey and great effects

Saffron and honey both contain a lot of great ingredients and active ingredients for health and beauty. In this article, Safron Palace Vietnam will guide you how to soak honey combined with saffron in the most effective way.

Saffron soaked in honey

What are the benefits of saffron pistil soaked in honey ?

Science and many studies have proven the effects of saffron on human health. In particular, when combined with standard honey, saffron-infused honey will help users enhance physical strength, improve health and reduce fatigue. Saffron flowers, when soaked with honey, are also very good for the cardiovascular system, the cardiovascular system, and support to promote metabolism in the body. Both honey and saffron have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and tissue-regenerating properties.

Therefore, using regular use of saffron honey taken daily, you will definitely:

  • Sleep better, sleep deeper.
  • Relieve stomach pain
  • Losing weight
  • Increase resistance. Using saffron soaked in honey helps you have a good resistance and a healthier immune system.

The effect of honey

Saffron soaked in honey

Since ancient times, honey has always been considered a miraculous gift that nature bestows on us. Honey contains a variety of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that protect the body from harmful bacteria. You often hear advice to drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey in the morning to purify the body, strengthen health, immune system ...

Warm honey water has an effective antiseptic effect, especially organic honey is full of enzymes that enhance digestion, vitamins and minerals that are able to fight bacteria in the body. In addition, warm honey water is an effective antioxidant therapy, helping to fight harmful chemicals that can affect body health or cause skin allergies.

Honey nourishes the skin, honey face mask helps smooth skin... because honey is a natural antioxidant that has cleansing and antibacterial effects, keeping the skin healthy and bright.

In addition, you can completely use honey to make skin masks.

Honey has sugar, but it's a completely different natural sugar than white sugar. In fact, if you drink warm water mixed with honey instead of sweets, you will save up to 64% of calories. Drinking a glass of warm honey water every morning will help you avoid cravings or cut down on drinking high-calorie carbonated drinks that can increase weight. Therefore, persistently drinking each cup of honey water every morning will help users lose weight effectively.

Drinking honey regularly also helps relieve sore throat. You should drink warm water mixed with honey in the fall - winter because this type of water both protects the throat and keeps the body warm.

Saffron soaked honey is very good for beauty

In both of the above ingredients, there are also antioxidants, so daily use will help keep the body healthy and the skin smoother, younger. Honey is also a special ingredient with strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so when making a mask, it will help clean the skin, treat acne, make the skin stretch, smooth and healthier.

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Saffron honey drink has a light, very pleasant aroma, so this is not only an ordinary "beauty" drink but also a drink that you can enjoy deliciously and refreshingly.

Saffron soaked honey is suitable for all ages and users because it is very benign. Therefore, most of you or any family member can use it. Only a little note for children under 1 year old or women in pregnancy, need to consult a doctor about the most appropriate dosage.

Soak saffron with standard honey: tips to preserve saffron longer

Saffron can be used well for a period of 15-18 months. However, if you do not know how to preserve, allowing saffron to be damp or moldy will no longer keep the nutritional values ​​of saffron intact.

Saffron soaked in honey

When soaking saffron with honey, with high antiseptic properties, you can extend the shelf life of saffron up to more than 3 years. In the house, there is a jar of saffron-infused honey, you will be able to apply it in many health care and beauty needs without worrying about the "red gold" losing its substance, on the contrary, even more nutritious.

How to make and use honey soaked saffron

How to soak standard saffron honey is very simple:

You need:

  • 1 clean glass jar, sterilized, dried, very clean
  • 500ml honey
  • 1 gram of Palace Negin's saffron

In addition to the 2 main ingredients, you can use other ingredients such as cordyceps, turmeric, ginseng... to add other nutritious ingredients to the jar of honey soaked saffron.


  • Put saffron in a jar, pour honey and other ingredients if available.
  • Close the lid tightly, store in a cool, dry place

You can immediately use the soaked honey after 2-3 days.

In case you don't want to soak a jar too much, you can also use honey and saffron with less recipe for each use depending on your needs according to the following suggestions:

Saffron honey mask for skin care

Method: Grind or crush 5.6 strands of saffron, mix well with 1 teaspoon of standard honey. Then you let the mixture "rest" in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes so that the nutrients in the saffron infuse the honey. Before applying the mask, wash your face thoroughly. You can use a brush, hands to rub the mixture on your face for better absorption of the mask. After you have spread the mask mixture evenly, you leave it on for about 30 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

Saffron honey instant drink

Saffron soaked in honey

You take a few strands of saffron, mix it with honey, let it rest for a few dozen minutes, then mix it with warm water and drink it immediately. So you've got a delicious, nutritious drink that helps you sleep extremely well.

Saffron soaked in honey dipped in bread

This can be a suggestion for a super breakfast. Just spread a little saffron-infused honey on a slice of bread, you can be assured of a delicious, nutritious and flavorful snack that is not inferior to any premium bread spread.

Some other quick and effective ways to use saffron

Saffron soaked in honey

Besides drinking saffron-infused honey, you can also use saffron very flexibly and conveniently on a daily basis in the following ways:

Soak with warm water: This is the most common way to use saffron, simple, fast and effective.

Soak with fruit juice: both delicious and nutritious.

Making tea, making milk : Drinking saffron tea every day is the best way to create healthy habits, prevent and treat diseases. Just add a few strands of saffron to warm water with the tea (any kind of tea), then wait a few minutes for the saffron to dissolve and blend the nutrients into the tea. You can take saffron tea at any time of the day, but it is best to drink it in the morning for the best results. In the evening, you should only drink saffron mixed with flower teas so as not to cause insomnia. If you have a habit of drinking milk every day, try dropping a few strands of saffron in the milk. Saffron milk not only has an attractive light yellow color but also very fragrant.

Saffron soaked in honey

Cooking spices : Saffron is considered the most luxurious spice in the kitchen. The color of saffron is very beautiful, making the dishes much more attractive. You can cook sticky rice, cook rice, make cakes, make drinks with saffron red spice with countless variations.

Milk : If you have a habit of drinking milk every day, try using it with saffron. Take a few strands of saffron in the milk and shake it gently, then wait 10-15 minutes for the saffron to dissolve. Saffron milk has a light yellow color and carries the characteristic aroma of this herb.

Saffron soaked in honey

A few notes when making honey-soaked saffron

Choose real Saffron - good quality. If you buy fake or poor quality saffron, the finished product will not meet the quality requirements, have poor nutritional value and waste time, money and effort.

Choosing pure honey is the most important factor to have a standard honey saffron jar. The market has many types of mixed honey, you should choose carefully from reputable brands and channels to get pure honey - ensure the best quality.

Pham Gia Healcare is a reputable supplier of Saffron on the Vietnamese market, and is also the exclusive distributor of the most premium product line - Saffron Palace Negin in Vietnam. To get a good standard honey-soaked saffron, Pham Gia recommends using the Saffron Negin line.

Why is Saffron Palace considered the best Saffron brand?

Make delicious Saffron bread with genuine Saffron Palace

Area of ​​raw materials to create products Saffron Palace Premium grade is grown in the Kho-rasan area - Northeastern Iran - close to the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is a saltwater lake rich in minerals, which greatly affects the amount of minerals in the groundwater of the area around the lake. The selected farms ensure the following criteria:

* No chemicals are used
* Do not spray growth stimulants
* Irrigated with pure natural groundwater and rich in minerals for high nutritional value of Saffron.
* Strict control of harvesting time is limited to 9am, before the harsh rays of the sun lose the nutritional value of the saffron threads.
* The farms selected as the raw material areas of Saffron Palace all have a "hereditary" history of hundreds of years. Every year, after each harvest season, the farmer selects the best bulbs and preserves them for the next season as a family secret.
* The drying, harvesting and packaging processes are all controlled and complied with ISO 22000-2005 HACCP regulations of the International Organization for Standardization.
*To import Saffron and sell in the Dubai market, Saffron Palace must meet the strict requirements of food safety and hygiene of the Government of Dubai, equivalent to European Standards.

If you need advice on more information and how to distinguish Saffron to choose the best Saffron Palace, please contact Hotline 0865668388 

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