Lotion mask ngâm nhụy hoa nghệ tây

Lotion mask soaked in saffron

Lotion mask, when soaked with this special ingredient, both moisturizes the skin, brightens the skin, helps the skin surface to heal quickly when damaged and smooth.

The concept of lotion mask has become familiar to you, right? But this skin care method is raised to a "new level" when adding saffron. It sounds complicated, but in fact, this method is more convenient than lotion mask many times.

Saffron (derived from Old French "safran") is a spice produced from the pistil of the saffron flower. After the pistil is harvested, it will be dried. To have 1 kg of finished saffron requires 200,000 saffron flowers because each flower only gives 10-15 stigmas.

Saffron has proven to be a valuable beauty ingredient. Therefore, spend a little money to buy saffron, you will get unexpected results.

Saffron has long been considered as a premium spice in the kitchens of restaurants and housewives, but in addition to the culinary field, it is also a "divine" ingredient in the field of beauty. Similar to turmeric but many times stronger than turmeric, saffron's ability to lighten skin, heal scars, fade dark spots, increase skin resistance is undeniable. Therefore, many beauty believers have thought of a way to add saffron to the lotion mask (the method of applying a mask with lotion created by Japanese expert Chizu Saeki) to increase the skin's beauty effect.

The implementation method is extremely simple. You just need to drop about 10 strands of saffron in a clean glass jar, put 10 sheet masks in, fill with lotion and store in the refrigerator for later use. This method is both effective and time-saving compared to using a lotion mask after each face wash.

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