Saffron is used both as an herb and as a spice. Saffron is considered the rarest and most expensive spice. Harvesting this flower is also very laborious. After drying, the pistil shrinks to about 1/3 of the fresh flower. To have 1 kg of saffron, people need 200,000 flowers and the price for 1 kg is about 200-700 million VND/kg.

In order to produce the highest quality, first-class saffron, collectors need to adhere to a number of strict rules. In particular, Saffron Palace has its own regulations to ensure product quality such as:

The harvesting process begins at 5 am, when the sun has shined its first rays on the ground.

Flowers are gently hand-picked.
The pickers pluck the pistils with a string-like shape and must limit the sunlight to not lose their fragrance.

Saffron Palace's saffron collection takes place only 4 hours a day, starting at 5 am and ending at 9 am. When the sun was high and the sun was shining brightly, Saffron Palace stopped harvesting to avoid losing the fragrance of the flowers. And have to wait until 5 am the next morning to be able to resume work.

After that, the saffron pistil is dried so as not to lose its characteristic bitter taste.
Each saffron plant has only 4 flowers, each flower has 3 stigmas.
To get 1kg of Saffron, it is necessary to pick 11,000 to 17,000 saffron flowers
This harvest takes about 40 hours under normal conditions.

Saffron Palace Vietnam is always proud to offer consumers the best products of excellent, premium and premium quality.