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Rose coffee - a drink for sublimated love

Rose tea has heard a lot, so what about rose coffee ?

This is a drink of romance, sophistication, sweetness, serenity, and charm exuding from the fragrant rose scent and the irresistible passionate cocoa taste.

Rose coffee - a drink for sublimated love.

Rose coffee - a drink for sublimated love. (Photo: Mytinylagunakitchen.com)

Rose coffee , the combination of the bitter taste of coffee with the pungent aroma of dried Persian roses is a great thing to say to loved ones, especially to someone very special. . With the recipe below, 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to mix, in total, it takes you 10 minutes to blow the fire to love!

How to make rose coffee:


The Persian rose gives the coffee a special flavor.

The Persian rose gives the coffee a special flavor.
(Photo: Rosedose)

350ml filtered water
2 tbsp (2 tbsp) instant coffee powder (high percentage of coffee)
1 -2 Persian dried roses
2 drops vanilla essence
1/4 tsp (tsp) cardamom powder
1/4 tsp (tsp) cinnamon powder
Maple syrup or sugar to sweeten according to taste

Implementation steps:

- Boil old water.
- Pour coffee powder into the brew to have hot coffee. In this step, if you have a coffee machine, you can use pure coffee powder and brew it by machine.
- Pour coffee, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder into the mixing cup, shake vigorously to have a mixture.

Every day is Valentine if we exchange a cup of coffee with roses. Every day is Valentine if we exchange a cup of coffee with roses.
(Photo: Mytinylagunakitchen.com)

- Gently separate the dried roses into separate petals, put in a mixing cup, cover for 1-2 minutes to let the roses soak into the coffee.
- Strain the rose petals, pour the coffee into a cup and serve hot or ice as you like. You can also adjust the sweetness to your taste by adding sugar or maple syrup.
- Decorate the cup with Persian rose petals/buds.

The aroma of coffee is passionate, warm with cinnamon aroma, the fleshy taste of cardamom blends in the fragrance of roses. What could be sweeter and more romantic than this drink?

Using dried roses from Persia to brew takes coffee to the next level.

Using dried roses from Persia to brew takes coffee to the next level.
(Photo: Mytinylagunakitchen.com)

No need to say anything, a cup of rose coffee in your hand is enough to replace thousands of words you want to say, is a simple, practical but no less delicate way to send love. In addition, coffee and rose essences also create emotion and excitement for sex, so exchanging a cup of rose coffee is the perfect way to start a passionate love affair. Please try it now.

Information source: Mytinylagunakitchen.com

How sweet this drink is, there is no need to argue much. It is important not to ruin a lot of enthusiasm and love for a little carelessness.

The delicate rose petals here are only one ingredient among the ingredients that need to be prepared, but contribute to the decision to create a new and attractive flavor for a cup of coffee. Accidentally using a rose that is not genuine, the fragrance suddenly turns into an unpleasant strong smell. Therefore, be sure to send love with the rose buds from the mysterious Persia , so that the love story is as sweet and passionate as the Thousand and One Nights!

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