Bánh mỳ saffron nhân kem vani thơm lừng căn bếp

How to make delicious and nutritious saffron chrysanthemum bread with vanilla cream

A precious herb , saffron is a friendly ingredient in many recipes, bringing its distinctive golden color and natural grassy flavor to the dishes that are incorporated.

Braided bread - (in Vietnam we often call it a chrysanthemum bread ) served with vanilla ice cream is a traditional Swedish cake, now added with saffron, becoming a cake that is not only delicious, but also nutritious, helping to promote health from young children to the elderly. In particular, this is a cake that is very popular with children because it is stuffed with a layer of sweet and fragrant vanilla ice cream. If young children do not like to drink saffron water, saffron tea ... then 'seducing' them with this sweet cake is a great way to supplement nutrients for children with this herb.

How to make saffron braided bread

The saffron braided bread is more delicious with vanilla cream filling

Braided bread combined with saffron enhances nutrients. (Photo: Delscookingtwist.com)

Baking material:

1g Saffron Palace pistil
1 tsp (teaspoon) sugar
350ml warm fresh milk
25g fresh yeast
1 large chicken egg
1 pinch of fine salt
50g white sugar
75g unsalted butter
1 tsp (tsp) cardamom powder
770g all-purpose flour

Ingredients for cream filling

300ml fresh milk
½ vanilla bean (or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence)
3 egg yolks 60g white sugar
2 tbsp (2 tablespoons) corn starch
½ tsp (teaspoon) cardamom seeds
14g unsalted butter

Other ingredients:

1 chicken egg
2 tbsp (tbsp) finely chopped almonds

2 tbsp (tbsp) pearl sugar

Steps to make saffron chrysanthemum bread:

Step 1: Crush the saffron

Grinding saffron in a stone mortar helps to ensure product quality.

Grinding saffron in a stone mortar helps ensure product quality. (Photo: Northfolk Saffron)

Put saffron in a mortar with 1 teaspoon of sugar and crush it with a pestle. Add warm milk and mix well.

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Step 2: Mix the dough

Pour the saffron milk into a bowl immediately after mixing to make sure the milk is still warm. Stir in yeast. Add eggs, salt, okra, butter and cardamom powder to a bowl, mix well with a spatula. Sift the flour until smooth and pour into the above mixture, a little at a time.

Use a spatula to get a firm dough, about 70% hardness.

Step 3: Knead the dough

Knead the dough vigorously for about 15 minutes. (It is recommended to use a kneading machine to achieve a fluffy cake.)

Put the dough in a large bowl, cover with a thin cloth for about 1 hour to let the dough rest.

Step 4: Prepare vanilla ice cream

Pour all the ingredients prepared by the amount of vanilla cream into the pot, stir and continuously over medium heat until the solution thickens. Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool.

After the cream has cooled, pour in the cardamom seeds and mix well.

Step 5: Shape the dough

After the rest time, the dough will double in size. Divide the dough into 2 cubes, place on baking paper and roll into a 30x40cm rectangle. With this amount of dough, you can make 2 cakes.

Step 5: Spread cream

Spread vanilla ice cream in the center of the rectangle.

Step 6: Shape the cake

Delicious and nutritious saffron braided bread. The saffron braided bread has a golden color with the fragrance of vanilla ice cream. (Photo: Delscookingtwist.com)

Cut skewers on the rest of the dough (leave the frosting), each about 2cm wide.

Fold the overlapping pieces of dough into a braid.

Cover the dough with a thin layer of cloth or towel and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The dough continues to expand by about 50% compared to the previous step.

Step 7: Bake the cake

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C before baking for about 10 minutes.

Beat an egg, use a brush to brush the egg on the surface of the cake. Sprinkle Almonds and Pearl Sugar on top.

Put the cake in the oven at mode 2 for about 25 - 28 minutes. Baking time depends on the individual characteristics of each oven.

Once the cake is done, take it out of the oven and serve when it has cooled down.

This is a traditional Swedish cake, combined with saffron to enhance nutrients as well as create a new flavor and natural color for the cake. Cake can be used for breakfast, snack or in any occasion of the day. The cake is more delicious and more harmonious if you go with saffron tea.

To create the right saffron braided breads , it is most important that the saffron part is added to the dough. This ingredient not only contributes to a different highlight compared to traditional cakes, but also helps to add more nutrition.

Find a reputable saffron dealer to get the right product, ready for whenever baking or preparing other dishes.

Information source: Delscookingtwist.com

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