9 cách chế ngự stress công việc

9 ways to manage stress at work

At work, things don't always go smoothly and well. When we encounter problems that are difficult to solve, we are often stressed, if we do not know how to control it, we will easily get stuck and cannot think of the best way to solve all problems well. So learn how to manage stress with the methods below.

1. Start the work day with an optimistic spirit.

Always maintain a positive attitude while working and keep in mind that you can do anything. Optimism is the best way to always have positive thoughts and manage stress at work. 

2. Arrange work.

Trying to want to do everything at once will make you feel overwhelmed, and as a result, you won't get any work done well. Instead, make a list of your tasks. Each job corresponds to a certain completion time. Prioritize the things that matter and put them first. That way, you'll get things done well without fear of being late. 

3. Flexible working schedule.

Arrange each job to take up a short amount of time. Most people can only stay focused and productive for about 40 minutes. Therefore, you should schedule each stage of work for a short period of time, that way will help you maintain the best performance. And helps you to capture multiple issues from each different situation after a work transition period. Don't work during breaks and always try to leave the office during lunch. 

4. Schedule regular exercise.

Try to take 20 minutes a day to walk, that way will not only reduce stress but also help you live longer. Walking regularly every day will prevent aging, improve your health. Prevent disease as well as high blood pressure, heart disease and osteoporosis to bring a good source of life and work energy. 

5. Flexibility.

Admittedly, not everything in your work goes in a pre-arranged order. Occasionally unexpected events occur, which can bring you a new situation. Learn how to adapt to any situation. The luck at work will be valuable lessons, complementing your experience. 

6. Avoid conflicts.

Are you always right? What do you do when people don't support your way of doing things? Cooperate instead of confront each other. That's the best and always right way to keep up the good work. Make concessions so that both parties are less stressed and more comfortable. Be flexible and try to maintain a positive relationship with co-workers. 

7. Know your limits.

Concentrate your energies on doing the work that is at your fingertips. If a problem is beyond your control and cannot be completed in an instant, it is best not to confront it. Learn to accept and know what to do in the moment, before you can afford to conquer the problem. 

8. Take care of yourself.

People with good health will handle work easily without stress. Should work, rest and eat at the right time. If you are easily irritated and feel lack of sleep or eating improperly, you will be less intelligent and flexible to deal with any stressful situation. If the tension is repeated over and over again you should see a doctor for help. 

9. Take time to relax.

Schedule regular time for both work and rest. Taking a break at the right time is important for your health at work. 

Using the tips above, you will improve your work efficiency. Besides, use Saffron. According to research, Saffron is effective in the treatment of diseases such as stress, stress, insomnia, hormones ... due to its high content of flavonoids, vitamins and apocarotenoids (substances that both traditional medicine and medicine contain). modern use with these effects).

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