6 bệnh thường gặp của dân văn phòng

6 common diseases of office workers

With today's fast-paced life, people work mainly in clean offices, the work is done mainly through modern devices such as computers, phones ... which seem harmless but actually cause harm. potentially dangerous diseases that few people anticipate.

The following article will help you know 6 common diseases in office workers to have the most effective prevention.


It is the result of a chronic process of nervous tension, possibly due to high pressure and intensity of work. Stress can cause other diseases such as sleep disorders, heart attacks, diabetes, atherosclerosis, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure or migraine symptoms. Therefore, when doing mental work, you should avoid being stressed, with early symptoms it also makes it difficult to concentrate on work such as jerking pain, even dizziness and lightheadedness.

Spinal pain

Some of the most obvious symptoms for people who sit for a long time are back pain, joint pain. If you sit for a long time without getting up and walking, your movement can cause your spine to shrink, leading to the risk of spinal degeneration as you age. In addition, along with limiting sun exposure for a long time will make bones brittle, spongy and accelerate the process of osteoporosis accompanied by a number of diseases such as herniated discs, spondylolisthesis and degenerative spondylolisthesis. ancient life.

Eye diseases

Eye strain and dry eyes are the two most noticeable symptoms when working a lot with a computer screen. If you work for many hours at a computer without relaxing your eyes, you will have a headache, a very uncomfortable feeling of hangover. In particular, you often have to open your eyes wider than usual when looking at the computer screen, so to avoid dry eyes you should blink often to help your eyes not get tired and dry. Besides, you should choose a seat near the window with air and natural light that will be beneficial to your health.

Digestive tract diseases

Work pressure is a lot, lack of sleep (not napping or staying up all night working), eating irregularly, sometimes eating a lot, sometimes eating less and sometimes having to eat fast. That is the cause of chronic stomach pain. In addition, sometimes when you have to go to receive guests, party in the evening, you eat too much protein and can't ignore alcohol, if it's light, it can cause digestive disorders, and in the long run, it makes you sick. dangerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes and gout.


Working in an air-conditioned environment may not be good for some people, especially women and people with weak immune systems. According to experts, the flu virus spreads very quickly in an unventilated environment. In addition, in the office, let's pay more attention to the computer keyboard and mouse. They contain a lot of bacteria, every square centimeter has up to 500 types of bacteria and 150 times more than toilets. The best advice is that you should regularly clean your computer's mouse and keyboard, including your phone's keyboard.


This is a dilemma faced by office workers. Due to sitting a lot and being sedentary, the round 2 increases significantly, gradually accumulating uric acid in the body. In addition, some other causes such as irregular eating, lack of sleep, stress leading to depression can also make you suffer from this disease. Experts warn that obesity is the root cause of many dangerous diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes ...

You need to have a healthy lifestyle and suitable working methods to avoid the risks of diseases. Besides , use Saffron - the stigma of the saffron plant. Scientific research shows that Saffron is useful in the treatment of neurological diseases such as stress, stress, insomnia ... to help calm nerves for a more refreshing spirit.

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