10 thú vui nên làm cuối tuần để não bộ thư giãn

10 fun things to do on the weekend to relax your brain

Hobbies are an indispensable part of life and if you know how to choose, entertainment also helps you improve your intelligence.

Playing a musical instrument : From ancient times, Confucius had a saying: "Music creates joy that we cannot live without". Recent studies also confirm that music stimulates the development of the brain, has the ability to evoke emotions and psychological states. Listening to music enhances memory, while playing an instrument develops patience, perseverance, and concentration.

Play chess, solve puzzles : Like other parts of the body, the brain needs to be trained. Regularly challenged with new things will help your brain function better. You can train your brain by playing Sudoku, chess, solving puzzles… This activity helps your brain make new connections and you also learn how to look at problems from different angles to become should be smarter.

Play sports It's not just a workout for your muscles, but for your brain as well. Doing this hobby on a regular basis keeps your brain flexible and functional and also helps you with responsibility, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Exercise : Regular exercise helps the brain and body work at full capacity, reduce stress and sleep better.

Traveling not only to let off steam but also bring many other benefits. In particular, it can help you become smarter. The physical and mental experiences of your travels help you de-stress. When your mind is no longer stressed, you are more likely to focus on your work, observe well and understand things. Every new place you go to will have a lot to learn. You meet new people, food, culture, lifestyle while traveling. This experience gives rise to ideas you wouldn't have thought of before.

Cook new dishes: Instead of whining, you should feel happy when you get a chance to cook. Often chefs, especially those who like to cook in different ways, are very creative. They always guarantee quality, are not afraid to try new things and pay attention to every detail. When you cook a certain dish, you learn how to do many things at once, making quick and accurate decisions. Once you have acquired these skills, you are already smarter.

Reading : This habit helps to elevate your mind as you approach many genres and fields, reduce stress, experience a wide range of emotions, gain knowledge in all fields and become more creative.

Learn a new language It's not easy, but it certainly brings many benefits, one of which is to make you smarter. The process of learning a new language requires skills such as analyzing grammatical structures and memorizing vocabulary. These things keep your mind sharp. Many scientific studies have shown that people with good linguistic thinking will also have good judgment, problem solving and planning skills.

Write down your feelings : There are many benefits to writing, including increased intelligence and improved language ability. In addition, writing also helps you develop many skills such as concentration, creativity, imagination and perception.

Meditation helps us focus, understand ourselves, reduce stress, get rid of all worries, easier to study, think and plan things more effectively.

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