Trà đào saffron mát lịm tim, giữ dáng, đẹp da

Peach saffron tea cools the heart, keeps the shape, beautiful skin

The hot summer sun takes away a lot of energy and alertness. What do you do to regain the coolness of your body and supplement nutrients to have a refreshing spirit? Make yourself a pot of saffron peach tea right away.

Referring to peach tea, people often think of simple and convenient filter tea bags. But now, put in a little effort, a handmade peach tea pot will bring a different feeling.

Refer to some recipes and make drinking water with saffron:

The aroma of the tea is fragrant, the pieces of peach are ripe and sweet, much more than the usual tea bags. The final stage is to add a little saffron , which enhances the tea's taste, creates a unique aroma and adds nutrients to the summer cooling drink.

Cool off summer days with cool saffron peach tea.

Cool off summer days with cool saffron peach tea.

Not only that, vitamins from peaches and antioxidants from saffron also help bring a beautiful, healthy, rosy skin, without drying out under the summer sun. The recipe also uses honey to replace sugar, ensuring health and helping you ensure your healthy diet.

How to make saffron peach tea:


  • 15g black tea/oolong tea bag
  • 2 yellow peaches, sweet
  • 5 sprigs of fresh basil
  • 1 pinch saffron (12-15 strands)
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • ½ lemon juice squeezed out
  • 700ml boiling water
  • 1,400ml cold water


Saffron brings a new taste and adds nutrients to the drink.

Saffron brings a new taste and adds nutrients to the drink.

- Make tea with hot water. Let the tea infuse and let the water out completely, filter out the tea grounds, let cool.
- Soak saffron with 2 tablespoons of warm water or place on an ice cube to release the saffron essence and mix with the water. Pour the saffron water into the tea.
- After the tea has cooled, add honey and stir to dissolve.
- Mix lemon juice into the tea.
- Peaches washed, can be peeled or left with the skin as you like, cut into pieces. Add peaches to the tea.
- If using immediately, pour the prepared cold water into the tea. Add basil leaves and ice if you want it colder. If not using immediately, you can store the tea at room temperature or in the refrigerator. When using, perform the same steps as above.

Peach saffron tea helps to beautify the skin and keep it in shape.

Peach saffron tea helps to beautify the skin and keep it in shape. (Photo:

Note, depending on your preference, you can adjust the strength of the tea, the sweetness of the honey and the number of peaches to add to the tea.

With only about 15 minutes, including tea time, you have a cool pot of saffron peach tea, no need to worry about weight gain or sugar accumulation because the recipe uses honey instead. The sweet pieces of peaches mixed with the aromatic tea, fragrant with saffron, ensure the charm without a summer love song.

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To get a truly delicious and nutritious pot of peach tea, don't forget to use the best quality ingredients when making tea. In particular, saffron , even if there is only a small pinch, is an important ingredient that makes familiar tea become special and contains more nutrients. Using grade 1 saffron to make tea is something you need to remember when making this drink.

If you still do not know about saffron , come to Pham Gia Heathcare to get the most accurate advice on this product.

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