Tác dụng kỳ diệu của saffron với mẹ bỉm sữa đang cho con bú

Magical effects of saffron with nursing mothers

Saffron is one of the safest medicinal herbs in the world, suitable for almost all subjects to use. But what about people who are in a sensitive period, like women who are breastfeeding?

Are nursing women suitable to use saffron? Does the use of saffron affect breast milk supply, thereby affecting infants?

What effect does saffron have on nursing mothers?

The first thing to note, for subjects in a sensitive period or in periods of change in health, the use of saffron requires consultation with a doctor and medical professionals. economic. This is not an exception for women who have a need to supplement nutrients with saffron while breastfeeding.

To date, there has not been a specific study that shows that saffron has harmful effects on women during this period. However, this is an extremely sensitive period, everything a mother eats or drinks can be converted into milk, thereby passing it on to the baby, determining the health of the baby. Breastfeeding mothers are warned against indiscriminate eating, and therefore, it is right to be cautious when using saffron.

However, for specific subjects, saffron still has good effects to help mothers stay healthy and full of energy to perform their sacred "dumpling" task.

Saffron treats postpartum depression

Saffron has the effect of reducing stress, reducing depression, thereby stimulating breast milk, making mothers and babies healthier.

Saffron has the effect of reducing stress, reducing depression, thereby stimulating breast milk, making mothers and babies healthier. (Image: Independent.ie)

One of the most common postpartum disorders is depression, which affects many mothers to varying degrees. The pressure of taking care of a child, the lack of support from the husband, the severe lack of sleep or the sudden feeling of being isolated from society... are the causes leading to depression and frustration of the mother after giving birth, need attention, care and treatment in a timely manner.

Saffron is an herb that contains substances that have sedative effects, and at the same time have the ability to stimulate the nervous system to create a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Therefore, this is an appropriate medicine to help mothers reduce postpartum depression.

Scientists at Mashhad Medical University, Iran conducted a study on 60 new mothers to clarify the effects of saffron on breastfeeding mothers.

These women were randomly divided into 2 groups, one taking a placebo and the other taking 15mg of saffron per day. After 8 weeks, the group taking this herb had a significant change in depression index. Depression levels in this group fell from 20.3 to 8.4, compared with 19.8 to 15.1 in the placebo group. A higher score reflects a greater degree of depression.

The final conclusion of this study showed that 96% of the women in the saffron group experienced a reduction in postpartum depression, while in the placebo group, this figure was 43%.

Comparing the effectiveness of saffron and other antidepressants, it was found that this herb had similar effects but did not contain any side effects, especially addiction and dependence on antidepressants.

Improve mother's health

Saffron helps mom eat, rest better.

Saffron helps mom eat, rest better.

During the breastfeeding period, especially the first few days, most mothers feel very tired, if not exhausted.

In saffron there is the hormone Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter in the body, present in the digestive system, blood platelets as well as in the nervous system of humans. This substance has the effect of increasing appetite, helping to sleep well, stimulating digestion, thereby helping the process of food absorption better.

For mothers with weak health, the use of saffron is an effective way to increase vitality, help mothers get stronger without the use of drugs, often containing side effects affecting milk quality.

The mother's milk supply using saffron is said to work well for the baby, with no side effects or other harm.

Although it has been shown to be harmless and to have certain effects in breastfeeding women, it is most important to note that the use of saffron during this period requires consultation and co-ordination. advice of doctors or other medical professionals. Improper use and frequency of any medicinal herbs, including saffron , can also be harmful to health.

Information source: Anasaffron.com ; Jpost.com

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