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Rose seed milk - a drink for a relaxed soul

Have you ever thought of a drink that makes you feel really relaxed and light? Rose seed milk is this divine drink.

The combination of nut milk and dried rose petals is the simplest and most direct way to soothe the soul. Homemade nut milk is nutritious, delicious, and without preservatives. The rose petals, with their dreamy color and gentle fragrance, transform the milkshake into a work of art that you can enjoy with all your senses.

Check out some applications with dried Persian roses

Rose seed milk is as beautiful as a work of art.

Rose seed milk is as beautiful as a work of art.
(Photo: Mytinylagunakitchen.com)

How to make rose seed milk

Ingredients (for 1 cup/user):

200ml almond milk
¼ tsp (teaspoon) cardamom powder
1 tbsp (tbsp) dried rose
1 tbsp (tbsp) maple syrup
1 pinch pure vanilla powder


- To achieve the best nutritional effect, you should make your own nut milk. The great thing about this recipe is that you can flexibly change the type of nut milk you like, from walnut to soy, but almond milk is said to produce the best flavor when combined with other ingredients. other ingredients in this recipe.

Heat the milk over low heat until it is warm.

- Add cardamom powder, stir gently. Add syrup, vanilla to milk. Use a hand blender or blender to blend. Note, you can replace maple syrup with honey, replace pure vanilla from vanilla pods with water vanilla extract, or you can omit this ingredient.

- Sprinkle dried roses on top and enjoy. If you want a stronger flavor, soak the rose in milk for 1-2 minutes before serving.

- Rose almond milk can be used warm or cold. It is recommended to chill in the refrigerator instead of adding ice.

Information source: Mytinylagunakitchen.com

Rose seed milk is a drink that brings a feeling of relaxation to the whole soul.

Rose seed milk is a drink that brings a feeling of relaxation to the whole soul.
(Photo: Mytinylagunakitchen.com)

Now, think of a moment of your own relaxation: A soft sofa, a cup of rose-scented nut milk, a little music, or simply without thinking at all, sipping the sweet taste of milk and flowers… That's the way to both soothe the soul and preserve health.

Are you still a little worried among the many types of roses sold on the market with different prices? It is a fact that Persian dried roses have superior quality compared to other types, not only from the quality of each flower bud, but also in color, flavor, and especially how to grow, dry and preserve. . Come to Pham Gia Healthcare to get the right dried rose buds for the "soul soothing" milk.

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