Làm sẵn một lọ sốt kem saffron (kem nghệ tây) là cách đơn giản nhất để bạn có ngay những món ăn dinh dưỡng cho cả gia đình.

Make your own saffron cream sauce at home to replace all commercially available sauces

Preparing a jar of saffron cream sauce is the simplest way for you to have nutritious dishes for the whole family right away.

Saffron is often added directly to the cooking process, to add flavor as well as add nutrients to the dish.

Rich, smooth, fragrant is the saffron cream sauce.

Rich, smooth, fragrant is the saffron cream sauce. (Photo: Threebigbites.com)

However, in today's recipe, I show you a completely different way to prepare saffron , making a sauce that can be combined with many other dishes, from salad dressing to cooking noodles, from dipping all kinds of food. The food comes as a sauce for a variety of meats. Saffron cream sauce is an extremely convenient dish that can be stored for about 2 weeks and still retains all the nutritional values ​​inherent in this rare spice.

Refer to some savory dishes with saffron:

Rich, smooth, fragrant, this sauce is sure to win the hearts of diners in the family.

How to make saffron cream sauce


  • 1 pinch saffron (15-20 strands)
  • 2 tablespoons warm water
  • 57g unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup minced onion
  • ½ teaspoon spice or pink Himalayan salt
  • Half a garlic
  • 34g flour
  • 150ml fresh milk
  • 60ml white wine
  • 160ml whipping cream
  • A little chili powder (optional)


The sauce is thickened with flour, creating a perfectly smooth consistency.

The sauce is thickened with flour, creating a perfectly smooth consistency.
(Photo: Threebigbites.com)

- Use the tip of your finger to gently rub the saffron (safflower pistil) . Put the saffron in a small bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of warm water into the bowl, set aside to let the saffron extract out of the water.
- Pour butter into the pan. Melt butter over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, season with spices or pink salt to taste.
- Stir in flour. Continue to stir until the flour is combined with the butter and turns golden. This takes about 3-4 minutes.

This sauce can be combined with many other dishes.

This sauce can be combined with many other dishes.
(Photo: Threebigbites.com)

- Pour milk and cream of fresh milk into the pan, stir well so that the dough does not clump. Next, add the white wine and saffron water, stir well, gently until the sauce is smooth and thickened.
- Remove the pan from the stove, re-seasoning if necessary. Add chili powder if you like.

You can freely adjust the consistency of the sauce by increasing or decreasing the milk or flour as you like. The finished product is egg-yellow in color, fragrant, with the sweetness of onion and the aroma of garlic and saffron. Saffron cream sauce has a delicate, mild taste, so the secret is not to combine it with dishes with too strong flavors like lamb. Food with a strong aroma easily overwhelms the typical taste of saffron cream sauce.

Pair the sauce with mild-tasting dishes.

Pair the sauce with mild-tasting dishes. (Photo: Threebigbites.com)

Saffron cream sauce becomes even more wonderful when combined with spaghetti, gnocchi, mashed potatoes, seafood and some grilled meats such as chicken, beef, pork… Saffron cream sauce will also be a perfect duo. Perfect when mixed with vegetables, creating nutritious salads for healthy diets.

Store the sauce in the refrigerator and use within 2 weeks of preparation.

Information source: Threebigbites.com

Use standard saffron for a perfect quality sauce.

Use standard saffron for a perfect quality sauce.
(Photo: Threebigbites.com)

Before you start making this sauce, make sure you have standard saffron in your kitchen. Only good quality saffron can make the desired sauce, bring the saffron flavor as well as provide the desired nutrients.

If you are still wondering where to buy the standard saffron among the many offers, come to Saffron Palace to get this rare spice with the best quality. With products of Saffron Palace, you can rest assured to prepare dishes for the whole family.

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