Pancake saffron – bữa sáng nhanh gọn siêu dinh dưỡng cho cả nhà

Pancake saffron - a super nutritious quick breakfast for the whole family

Pancake is the choice of many modern families, especially suitable for young children. Now, mom adds a little saffron to the recipe, breakfast still ensures the attractiveness and increases the nutrition hundreds of times.

The recipe that Saffron Palace brings to your kitchen is a hundred-year-old classic pancake recipe, with a little saffron syrup, a blend of the liberal West and the mysterious Persia. The pancakes are soft, fragrant with roses, covered with a smooth, shiny saffron syrup … All sweet as a dream come true, making a simple breakfast the driving force that makes getting up early worth it. worth more than ever.

Refer to some ways to make cakes with saffron:

Traditional pancakes and saffron syrup are a quick, super nutritious breakfast.

Traditional pancakes and saffron syrup are a quick, super nutritious breakfast. (Photo: Unicornsinthekitchen)

How to make saffron rose pancakes:

Ingredients for making rose pancakes:

136g all-purpose flour
1tbsp (tbsp) white granulated sugar
2 tbsp (tbsp) melted butter
1 tsp (tsp) baking powder
½ tsp (teaspoon) baking soda
½ tsp (teaspoon) cardamom powder
60ml rose water for cooking

Ingredients for saffron syrup:

120ml filtered water
120g granulated sugar
2 tbsp (tbsp) rose water for cooking
1 pinch saffron (about 20 strands)

Steps to make saffron rose pancakes:

The syrup from saffron is a new highlight for the pancake.

Pancakes according to the traditional recipe with a new variation from saffron syrup (Photo: Unicornsinthekitchen)

- Mix all the dry ingredients in the baking ingredients in a large bowl.
- Slowly add the water parts to the dry powders.
- Prepare a non-stick pan or a special pan for making pancakes to fry the cake. Place the pan on the stove, set the heat to medium.
- Spoon each spoon of batter evenly on the pan, leave for 45 seconds on each side until the cake is golden. Fry the prepared dough one at a time.

Steps to make saffron syrup:

- Pour sugar and water into a pot, cook on medium heat, stirring until boiling. Then, lower the stove to low heat and cook for 5 minutes.

Soak saffron in rose water.

Soak saffron in rose water to give the pudding color and flavor. (Photo: Taste)

- Saffron in 2 tablespoons of warm water, leave for about 15-20 minutes until the saffron comes out, the water turns dark yellow.
- Pour saffron water into the sugar syrup. Add rose water to the pot. Stir in the syrup mixture, let it cool and serve with the freshly fried cake.

The recipe above is for 4 servings, with a total preparation and frying time of about 20 minutes. To save time, you can completely prepare saffron syrup, store it in the refrigerator and take it out when the cake is ready. If you do not have rose water, you can completely replace it with white water.

Enjoy a sweet breakfast with saffron pancakes.

Enjoy a sweet breakfast with saffron pancakes.
(Photo: Unicornsinthekitchen)

Pancakes are the 'love' of the little ones, but not every family cooks this dish regularly, because pancakes are still prejudiced as sweets that are not too healthy. But now, replacing commercially available syrups with homemade saffron syrup, you have added 269mg of Sodium, 231mg of Potassium, 123mg of Calcium, 2mg of iron and 333 IU of vitamin A (unit of measure). vitamins) for the whole family in one simple breakfast. What are you waiting for without letting the rose pancakes and saffron syrup smell in your kitchen?

To ensure the nutrients of the cake, bring the Persian flavor to the Western breakfast, make sure you have the right saffron to make the right syrup. Saffron not only brings a smooth golden color, but also brings a rich, natural grassy flavor to the syrup, and at the same time brings a source of nutrients as desired, providing full energy for the new day.

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