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Great benefits of saffron for children

For thousands of years, saffron has been shown to have many health benefits. So, specifically, what do these benefits for children include?

Saffron is a benign herb, has anti-inflammatory properties, repels signs of oxidation, provides many nutrients... People, of all ages, all subjects, including those Sensitive subjects such as the elderly, pregnant women, lactating women ... can use saffron to enhance health or treat some diseases .

Saffron has many benefits for the health and development of children.

Saffron has many benefits for the health and development of children.
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So what about children? What are the benefits of saffron for children? Dosage and how to use it is appropriate? If you intend to buy saffron to enhance family health care, including children, you can refer to the information below.

The top benefits of saffron with children

Digestive support

Saffron is an excellent herb to support the digestive process of children, who often have problems with indigestion, flatulence, etc. In addition, this herb can also be used as a functional food, helps to improve the health of babies who are sensitive to western drugs.

Saffron also has the ability to remove toxins from the stomach and act as a tonic for this digestive organ.

Asthma relief

One clear benefit of saffron in children is the improvement of asthma, bronchitis and airway problems in children.

Promotes healthy bones

Saffron has the effect of promoting bone health, promoting calcium absorption in children.

Improves mood in children

Saffron helps children to enhance their physical and mental health.

Saffron helps children to enhance their physical and mental health.
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Like adults, children, regardless of age, experience emotional instability or pressure. Not only that, children often cannot speak or understand their feelings well, and family members do not always understand their children. Children use saffron - which secretes substances that create euphoria, bring a feeling of happiness, help children calm down and be happier.

Improve eyesight

Saffron can reduce the symptoms of cataracts, conjunctivitis and improve vision. The substances crocin and crocetin work to increase blood flow in the retina. Regular use of saffron can help protect retinal damage and prevent macular degeneration

Dental hygiene

Massaging the gums of children, including infants, daily with saffron- infused water helps to keep their mouths and tongues clean, while reducing inflammation and pain and canker sores.

Improve skin condition

Many children suffer from dryness, rashes, and heat rash. Saffron can help soothe this condition.

How to add saffron?

Before giving children saffron, it is necessary to consult with experts and doctors.

Before giving children saffron, it is necessary to consult experts and doctors. (Photo: Independent.ie)

The simplest way to supplement saffron for young children is through milk. Add a few strands of saffron to warm milk, stir well, let stand for about 10 minutes for the saffron essence to come out. Then, give the baby to drink like normal milk.

With older children, you can completely add saffron to your child through regular recipes, cakes or other drinks.

Things to pay attention to when giving saffron to children

Dosage and frequency of use depend on the age of the child, it is necessary to consult a specialist or a doctor. This is extremely important, it should be especially noted if you want saffron to really promote its use for children's health. Absolutely do not arbitrarily use without the advice and designation of a professional.

Information source: Qaenat & Ezyschooling

Find and buy good quality saffron, which helps to improve the health of the whole family.

In addition, when it is determined to use saffron for health purposes, especially for children, special attention should be paid to the quality of saffron. There are many varieties of saffron traded in the market with different prices that can confuse the consumer. However, always remember this is a precious herb. Planting and harvesting are not easy. Along with valuable nutrients, this natural herb is certainly not cheap. Therefore, do not be fooled by offers of good prices, promotions up to 60 - 70%. Look for genuine and reputable dealers to choose the most standard saffron for children.

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