Các cách pha sữa với saffron để mẹ khoẻ, bé vui

How to make special saffron milk to help pregnant women stay healthy

Saffron has been recognized to have many beneficial effects on pregnant women if used in appropriate doses. These can be mentioned benefits such as repelling stress, reducing symptoms of morning sickness, supplementing iron, helping to sleep well ...

The way to supplement saffron for mothers during pregnancy is recommended to be simple, direct, without too much processing, so that saffron retains maximum nutrients.

Accordingly, milk mixed with saffron is the simplest and most effective formula for pregnant women who want to supplement nutrients through this precious herb.

Saffron milk for pregnant women

Soaking saffron in warm milk is the easiest way to make it.
Soaking saffron in warm milk is the simplest way to mix it. (Photo: Yummytummyaarth)

200ml of prepared milk
1 pinch saffron (10-15 strands)
Sugar (optional)


You can use any suitable milk in this recipe.
You can use any suitable milk in this recipe.
(Photo: Yummytummyaarth)

Pour milk into a pot, heat to 70-80 degrees Celsius on medium heat. You can use fresh milk, milk for pregnant women or any other suitable milk. Add saffron to the pot, turn down the heat to low, cook for another 5 minutes so that the saffron essence is absorbed into the milk. After this time, remove, let cool or drink while still warm as you like.

Saffron seed milk


¼ tsp (teaspoon) saffron
1 tbsp (tbsp) warm low-fat milk
200ml low-fat milk (skim milk) boiled and cooled
1 tbsp (tbsp) chopped almonds
1 tsp (tsp) chopped pistachios
½ tsp (teaspoon) cardamom powder
Sugar (optional)


Saffron seed milk is not only good for pregnant women, but also for everyone in the family.
Saffron seed milk is not only good for pregnant women, but also for all
everyone in the family. (Photo: Yummytummyaarth)

- Soak saffron with 1 tablespoon of warm low-fat milk, set aside for saffron to stop milking.

- Put the ingredients, including 200ml full-fat milk, milk-safflower mixture, almonds, pistachios, cardamom powder and 1 desired amount of sugar into a blender and blend until smooth.

The above milk formulas are suitable for pregnant women because of their high nutrition, simple and direct way to put saffron in milk, maximizing the nutrients of this herb. The variation from milk and saffron as above is not only suitable for pregnant women, but also can be used by everyone, especially those who are in need of nutritional supplements.

Source of information: Yummytummyaarth, Tarladalal.com

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In these recipes, it is paramount that the saffron be of good quality, in order to preserve the flavor of the milk as well as the added nutrients. Do not buy items floating on the market but choose saffron from genuine distributors and importers.

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