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Soak saffron in ice water - Great tip for saffron to maximize its nutrients

Soaking saffron in ice water is a simple and extremely effective way to obtain the precious essences contained in saffron. This is the secret of the Iranian people.

A simple way to stimulate saffron to maximize nutrients

Normally, soaking saffron in warm water for about 10-20 minutes is a common way to let the essence of this spice release the water, then use this water in food processing, drinks. This is a common practice that helps bring out the best in saffron , in the simplest way.

Soaking saffron with ice is a different way than soaking saffron in warm water.

Soaking saffron with ice is a different way than soaking saffron in warm water.

But in the country of saffron like Iran, people have another equally simple way to make the most of this expensive spice . That is to make saffron "melt" with ice.

Explaining how to do it is completely opposite to soaking in hot water, people here say, how to stimulate the essence of saffron with hot water or warm water easily causes saffron to be "shocked", thereby partly affecting the quality of saffron. output quality.

The water obtained in this way gives a darker color and a more aromatic taste.

The water obtained in this way gives a darker color and a more aromatic taste.

Instead, Iranians often sprinkle saffron on ice cubes and let the ice melt at room temperature. With this method, the saffron has enough time to release the perfect aroma, essence and color, parallel to the time the ice melts. Folk experience shows that the saffron water obtained in this way is denser, more nutritious, has a more beautiful color and aroma.

A little trick that saffron connoisseurs tell you, is that by "activating" saffron with ice cubes, the effect will be more wonderful than if using ground or crushed saffron . It is very simple, mix saffron in thread form with a little salt or sugar as a rubbing agent, use a pestle to gently crush the saffron to break it into small pieces.

Standard recipe to soak saffron with ice

"Activating" saffron with ice cubes will get better results if using ground or ground saffron

"Activating" saffron with ice cubes is more effective if ground or ground saffron is used. (Photo:

The standard ratio for this steeping is 2 ice cubes and 1/4 tsp (tsp) ground saffron.

Place ice cubes in a bowl, sprinkle ground saffron on top and let it sit at room temperature for the ice to melt naturally. When the ice is completely melted, the saffron has come out and mixed in the water.

After "harvesting" the essence from saffron in this way, you can use the water in cooking, making drinking water or putting it into other applications for health and beauty care in daily life.

The saffron water can usually be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. After this period, saffron water no longer retains its original quality.

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Either way, soaking in hot water or sprinkling on ice, the most important thing is that you get the right saffron. Just like that, the quality of saffron water and saffron essence comes out in water with guaranteed characteristics, nutrition, color and flavor.

Therefore, find genuine and reputable dealers to get the best products before applying the above method.

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