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The secret to using Persian dried roses is extremely useful, not to be missed

Discover the magical power of dried Persian rose petals in your daily life app.

This blog post will help you discover the secret to experiencing the amazing effects of dried Persian rose petals.

Decorate the toast with dried rose petals

How to make: Spread a layer of your favorite nut butter or rich cheese on toast. Next, place the dried petals on top of the bread. And put in the oven, wait for the bread to cook and enjoy!

Use a mix of colors from dried Persian petals and other dried flowers or seeds. You can also try this idea with crackers and serve as a fun appetizer.

Add flavor to salads

Dried Persian rose petals contain anthocyanins, so feel free to enjoy these antioxidant-rich delicacies with a salad.

The green color of the salad when combined with dried rose petals will add an eye-catching part.

The ability to disinfect, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Rose petals contain antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. So if you accidentally get a slight scratch, you can wash it off with water and apply dried rose petals on it.

In addition, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, soak dried rose petals in honey to help relieve sore throat.

Simple recipe of honey and dried rose for sore throat:

  • Add dried rose petals to the box or jar. Pour the honey almost to the side of the petals and stir to make sure the petals are coated in the honey.
  • Add more honey on top. Cover and screw on the lids and leave them in the fridge for 6 weeks.
  • Use a sieve to get the rose petals, use a spoon to squeeze the rose petals to extract all the honey with the back of the spoon.
  • Store rose petal honey in a cool, dry place. You can use it when you have a sore throat.
  • In particular, add one or two teaspoons of the mixture to some warm tea for faster sore throat relief.

Blood circulation with rose tea

Rose tea is a great combo to help with blood circulation and soothe menstrual cramps. Rose tea can also help curb diarrhea because rose has the aforementioned astringent, antibacterial properties.

Rose tea recipe

  • Fill the dried Persian petals in a container or jar. Pour boiling water over the roses, up to the mouth of the jar.
  • Close the lid and screw it on; let stand 4 hours to overnight.
  • Use a sieve to remove the petals, squeeze out the excess tea (You can also use a bag of nut milk: Place the bag of nut milk in a bowl, pour the tea into the bag, close the bag and squeeze out the liquid).

To help relieve menstrual cramps or diarrhea, drink 2-3 cups of rose tea per day.

Soothe your pain

Since roses are known for their emollient and healing properties, they nourish all skin types, including rosacea and eczema-prone skin. Rose is also great for soothing pain and soothing tense nerves when made into a simple liniment.

Rose oil recipe

  • Fill the jars with packed fresh rose petals. Pour olive oil or sweet almond oil over the petals. Mix to coat the petals with oil, stirring with bamboo skewers. After mixing, pour more oil into the mouth of the jar.
  • Cover and screw the lid, keep in the refrigerator for 6 weeks, then filter the rose essential oil.
  • Store your oil in a cool place.

Pro Tip: To prolong the shelf life of the oil, you can add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil. To make your face more nourishing, you can use walnut oil or macadamia oil (available). highly nourishing for dry, sensitive or mature skin). You can also add a few drops of rosehip seed oil (available at health food stores), if desired.

The seductive scent of rose water

Roses have long been associated with love, and they are known to help open the heart chakra. Try this simple and sweet recipe for some healing. When you meet him, try a new natural scent to attract him.


  • Fill with dried Persian rose petals packed in a masonry jar. Pour the glycerin over the rose petals, stirring well to make sure they are coated in the glycerin. Add more glycerin on top.
  • Cover and screw the lid on and store in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks. Use a nut milk bag or sieve to strain out the liquid, pressing or squeezing the petals to extract all of the liquid.
  • Store rose glycine in a cool place.

Elevate your spirits, relieve stress with rose jelly

Roses are known to help reduce stress, stress, depression and help to lighten the mood.

So why not enjoy a 0 calorie snack with dried rose tea jelly?


  • For tea, dried roses, add a teaspoon of stevia, or more, depending on your preference.
  • Put the tea in a glass or porcelain pitcher and bring to a boil.
  • Pour the rose tea mixture into a mold or bowl and add 1 packet of gelatin, stir until dissolved for about 2 minutes; Then put it in the fridge to freeze.

Pro Tip: To sweeten the jelly, try adding a tablespoon of rose glycerin, plus stevia to taste. Since gelatin is so good for the skin, you can add in 2 packets of gelatin instead of one.

Get excited about sex

It's no secret that rose is an aphrodisiac. Rose tea helps to improve both male and female reproductive systems. In men, it helps to speed up sperm movement, thus increasing fertility. In women, the bioflavonoids in roses help produce estrogen. And the phytosterols in roses help both sexes balance their hormones.

Try using rose tea in place of water when you cook rice with rice or cook rice with quinoa, millet, or favorite grains. When you apply this recipe, after meals are sure to be sweet side dishes in bed.

These are just some simple suggestions of ways you can be creative when using dried Persian rose petals at home to enhance your meals, health and relationships. If you have other uses for dried rose petals that Saffron Palace Pham Gia omitted here, go ahead and add a comment below to share yours with us!

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